Style Tips for Perfect Prom Night

Prom is a fun and exciting activity for high school students, and many girls want to look their best for the occasion. Read on to find out various styling tips for hair, nails and makeup, and learn how to find gorgeous prom dresses in the country.

Prom night is one of the most important and awaited events in a teenager’s life. As one of the biggest social events of the school year, it is important that you look your best. The tips below will help you get the best in every important prom aspect, from prom dresses in the United States to hair and makeup.


The best prom would have to go without a stitch, which is why the right hairstyle is important. The type of hairstyle you choose should withstand your activities for the entire program. It has to hold up even if you dance and party actively.

It’s best to determine if you want a functional or elaborate hairdo, and get expert advice before deciding on a style. An elegant yet functional up-do like a bun is classic and versatile, and it can withstand heavy partying.


Your makeup is another aspect you should plan beforehand. Prom is a night where you dress up and glam yourself up, so it’s acceptable to wear makeup. You should still remember, however, that is still is a school activity, so you need to practice restraint.

It’s easier to settle on a makeup look once you already know what dress you’re wearing. It can help you mix and match your colors and help you decide if you’re going for an elaborate look or a simple one. Here are a few pointers for a pretty yet simple makeup look:

  • Emphasize either your eyes or your mouth. It’s a fashion disaster if you choose to emphasize both. You can choose to play up your mouth with red lipstick and down play your eyes like nude eye shadow, or vice versa.
  • Choose a brightening foundation that matches your skin tone. Go light on your application to avoid “cakey” makeup. A brightening foundation will give you a healthy glow and a great base for the rest of your makeup.
  • Go waterproof. You’re going to dance all night, which can make you perspire. There’s nothing worse than mascara streaks or smudged eyeliner, so choose waterproof formulas. These can guarantee that your makeup stays clean, no matter how much you rub or perspire.
  • Take photos of the finished product. Try it under normal lighting, without flash, and with flash. This can help you see if your makeup looks as good in photos, and it can tell you if your foundation matches your skin.

Prom Dresses

The prom dress you choose is the biggest component in the prom style equation. Given its importance, it needs to be a dress that matches your style, feels comfortable, and looks stunning o you. A good prom dress can make you feel confident and beautiful, so take your time in choosing one that fits your needs.

Don’t get stuck with a hairstyle or prom dress that you hate, because it can easily ruin your night. Avoid that disaster by enlisting the help of your friends or parents and planning at least a month in advance. This way, when prom finally arrives, you can have a blast knowing that you don’t need to fuss about your looks.

Before you bust a move on the dance floor, make sure to get adjusted by a chiropractor in Lewisville, so you can dance the night away!

Simple Kitchen Upgrades

Upgrading your kitchen can add more value in your home. Since it is one of the most functional areas, it is ideal to make your kitchen look more organised. Here are some simple tips to make your kitchen look more organised and accessible when cooking or entertaining your guests:

  • Switch to glass cabinets

The best thing about using glass cabinets is it obliges you and everyone in the house to be organised. This is because you can easily see any clutter or dishware in the wrong place. You can try everyday-kitchen ware above the work surface, while hiding the clutter of pots and pans behind closed doors.

  • Functional over decorative

You should be practical when it comes to choosing kitchen furniture. Before buying accessories, make sure you have everything you need. Make sure every item you buy can serve its purpose. Always start with utensils you need for cooking or serving food.

  • Add crockery drawers

You can use these drawers to store various-size dishes or kitchenware. This can also help you maximise the space of your kitchen.

  • Install mounted box shelves

A neat, rectangular wall mounted box shelves provide a sleek alternative to large cabinets. This also offers better spacing and allows you to move around the kitchen area easily. Adding drawers in a breakfast bar also gives copious storage for larger items.

  • Create vertical control

You may add a plain accent pole to serve as an anchor for more innovative hanging storage. On the other hand, adjustable circular shelves that rotate provide access to seasonings and condiments when needed.

  • Customise dual shelving

Dual shelves not only provide a hallmark centrepiece for your kitchen. It also offers more exposed shelving to display your collection of plates, glasses, cups, and crockery while the space below conceals less attractive items.

There are many other ways to improve and organise your kitchen area.  For more kitchen makeover ideas, you may visit several kitchen showrooms.

The Healthiest Way to Lose Weight

Many people today are getting more and more health conscious. It’s not just about losing weight, but getting physically fit in the most appropriate way. Well, even though we love to make food, we will help achieve your fitness goals. Just follow these tips below:

Understanding the “Low-Carb, Real-Food”

According to many experts, this method is more effective than the low-fat diet. Low-Carb diet means cutting down the sugar and starches, while increasing your protein and healthy fats intake. Keep in mind that this is not really a “diet”, but rather a way of eating or adjusting your lifestyle. It also suggests avoiding processed or unnatural food with preservatives or artificial chemicals.

Getting started with healthy weight loss

While there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to permanent healthy weight loss, you may follow these tips to help you get started:

STEP 1: It’s not a short-term diet, it’s a lifestyle change.

The first step is for you to understand that permanent weight loss is not a “quick-fix’.  It’s simply a commitment to your healthy life. Losing weight can be a lot easier than maintaining your ideal weight. As mentioned above, it’s all about changing your lifestyle.

STEP 2: Find an inspiration

Social support means a lot. Programs like Jenny Craig and The Biggest Loser use group support to inspire more people to take a huge step and reach their goals. There’s nothing wrong if you seek support from your friends and family to get the encouragement you need.

STEP 3: Start slowly and win the race

Yes, it takes time, so start slowly but surely. Losing one to two a week is already a big step. You don’t have to force yourself to drop 10 lbs in 2 days. This would only take a toll on your mind and body, making you feel sluggish, drained, and weak. Keep in mind when you drop a lot weight quickly, you’re just actually losing mostly water and muscle, rather than fat.

STEP 4: Set clear objectives to keep you motivated

Short-term goals, like wanting to fit into a bikini for the summer usually don’t work. Aim for something reasonable like getting fit for the sake of your family or yourself.

STEP 5: Monitor your progress

It is advisable to monitor your progress after your 7-day program. This gives you more ideas on what you need to change for your next program.

Following these simple steps can help you achieve your goals. And before taking any dietary supplement, it is best to consult your doctor. Again, always remember that there are no shortcuts in losing weight. Start working hard and get better results!


Popular Chinese Dish You Should Try

If you poll a group of food enthusiasts for their favourite Chinese delicacy, you might get several different answers. With so many mind-boggling options on the menu, it’s easy to understand why everyone has their own personal choice. So to make your next trip to a Chinese restaurant worth it, OLD ROSE TAVERN has made a list of must-try Chinese dishes. Enjoy!

  1. Peking-Duck

Now considered as one of China’s National foods, many people around the world are craving for this dish’s eloquent and stunning presentation. Many restaurants take this dish very seriously. It is popular for its thin, crispy skin, and its delectable and aromatic meat.

  1. Dumplings

Of course, almost everyone in the world has tried this popular Chinese’s specialty—thin skin, soft stuffing and unique shapes. There are various stuffing you can order like beef, pork, carrots, onions, or cabbage. One of the most common “cultural” dumplings is the “quin cai jio”, which means “hard work and more wealth”. This dumpling is stuffed with celery and best matched with soy sauce and chilli powder.

  1. Spicy Tofu

Spicy Tofu or “mapo dougu” is one of the popular dishes from Sichuan cuisine. It features that tongue-numbing nature of Sichuan’s strong and aromatic hot spices.

  1. Egg fried rice

This dish originally came from China’s ancient western regions, and has now become part of people’s daily cuisine. First thing you will notice about this dish is the strong aromatic smell. Often served with soft textures and very enticing presentation, it will surely whet your appetite. Today, there are many varieties of egg fried rice in restaurants and night markets.

  1. Spring rolls

Spring rolls are appetizers, served either fresh or fried. This is a popular dish among Chinese locals, especially during Spring Festival (hence the name). It bears very auspicious meaning as it resembles gold bars and people often link them with ideas of good luck. And of course, they are quite delicious.

There are many more popular Chinese dishes that can surely satisfy your cravings. Truly, Asian delicacies are one of the best—from appetizers and exotic street food to main local cuisine, there is always something to look forward to.

OLD ROSE TAVERN Reminds the Importance of Cleanliness

The first thing that people will notice when they enter any business premise is the overall cleanliness of the facilities. From storefront to main office, people expect it to be clean. OLD ROSE TAVERN strongly recommends to every business owner to hire professional cleaning services. This can help make good impressions to your business partners and future clients. To give you a better look, here are some of the benefits you can get from hiring a commercial cleaning service:

Make good impressions

A clean and organised office can leave a good mark to everyone in the building. This is crucial especially if you are in the food business. This only shows how you value your products and service quality. In fact, this is your first opportunity to attract more future clients.

Prevent health issues

Regular disinfectant to every area is advisable to kill germs and other viruses lurking around the entire building. Dust can easily trigger allergic attack, especially to employees who have breathing problems. Always remember that prevention is better than cure.

Improve staff productivity and satisfaction

Employees work better in clean environments. Maintaining office cleanliness is essential if you want them to be more efficient with their work. And the best way to address sanitation issues is to hire a professional. Your people can be organised with their workstation, but you can expect them to handle all the “dirty work”.

Expertise, experience, and equipment

You may have office maintenance staff to clean the facilities regularly, but a commercial cleaning company offers the added benefit of scale and expertise. They are highly trained and more experienced when it comes to sanitation services. They also have the right equipment to make sure every area is safe and clean.

When looking for this kind of service, make sure to hire a reputable company. Browse through their website and read more reviews about the quality of their work. Check their packages and compare the rates they offer from other service providers.

4 Tips when Hosting a Wine Party

You might have met a lot of wine enthusiasts and sommeliers at the bar. You might have notices them cradling bottles like a treasure box. See them pour it on a glass with such concentration? Does it make you curious every drop or spill? Do you find it challenging? Well, the truth is—you don’t really have to make thing complicated. Just keep it simple. As long as you’re having and makes you or your guests comfortable, then you’re good to go. Follow these simple tips when you’re planning to host a wine party at home:


You don’t need to be generous all the time. Enough with the guessing games and just tell them what you want them to bring. If you think you don’t have enough stocks for your guests, and then ask them to bring more wine. And yes, you need to match it with the food you’re serving. Consider serving cheese, meat cold cuts, and of course, steak! Be specific with the brand as well.


You might want to consider bulk-buying. You don’t want to run out of beverage to serve to your guests. This can ruin the whole evening. Another perks of buying a case of wine is you can get more discount and freebies from merchants. If you’re not sure about the brand, go for the “safe house wine”. I suggest Italian Barbera. For sure, you will love that fruity flavor!


This is the number 1 rule when serving wine to your guests. Make sure to use a stylish long –stemmed glass for your wine. Well, they may seem expensive, but you can get the same glasses at thrift stores. So shop around and look for the nearest store in your area. You can also try buying online.


If you’re holding a special gathering, you can always be creative and add some flair like using a carafe instead of ordinary wine glass. You can also put some wine spritzer to impress the guests! And of course, set your music playlist to set the mood.

Again, you don’t have to make things complicated and be stiffed with your gestures. As long as you’re having fun with your family and friends, then you’re good to go! So enjoy and drink moderately.



3 Simple Ways to Find a Good Place to Eat While on the Road

One thing I love when I’m on a holiday vacation is the quest for a good place to eat. As every frequent traveller would say, “your entire trip is nothing unless you have tried the best local delicacies.” And yes, they are right! So, for your own guilty pleasure, here are some tips on how to find a good place to when you’re on the road:

  1. Research online

When you’re looking for a nice place to stay—be it a hotel or inns, make sure to find out about their most popular dish. Refer to various travel food websites or download some mobile apps to help you track down some of the best restaurants or bistros in town. Check out the feedback about their services and learn more from others’ experience. This will help you find what you’re looking for.

  1. Ask your personal network

I am quite positive that you have friends who might have experience different dish from where you’re going. So, other than referring to travel sites and food blogs online, ask your friends and colleagues for some referrals. Get to know more about their experience. What can they recommend? What is the top local dish they had? Your personal network should be your safety net when it comes to looking for a good place to eat since they should know your kind of food.

  1. Talk to locals

If there’s someone who can point you to the best restaurants in town, it should be the locals. Consider asking a few people to conduct your own survey. Let them know the stuff you’re looking for so they can point you to the right direction. Making quick road surveys is another way to narrow down your options. While on the road, consider checking the specialties of each restaurant and compare their house specialties. This will help you choose the best local food in town.

If you don’t have food allergies, this might be a good opportunity to try something new. Don’t be afraid to discover other great things. As they say, “seize the moment!” Give your taste buds something new.

Safety Travel Tips for Every Backpacker

Every backpacker knows how important it is to plan ahead of time, especially if it’s your first time to travel overseas. While being spontaneous is always fun, it is still advisable to do your research and be familiar with the lifestyle and culture of the country or island you’re visiting. Have a safe and memorable adventure with these travel tips prepared by our team. Read on.

TIP #1: Prepare your requirements

Before you book, check the required documents needed. Keep in mind that policies may be different depending on each state or country. Check the visa you need to apply for.  Many people still experience this problem. They tend to buy plane tickets not knowing they have incomplete documents. As a result, they don’t have much time to complete everything. Prepare your papers as early as possible to the same problem in the future.

TIP #2: Read reviews 

There are just so many travel blogs and sites that can help you prepare for everything. This includes the best time to visit the country and the ideal budget for the trip. Learn from the experience of other travellers. They can recommend some of the best hotels and tourist attractions nearby. This is also a good opportunity to find out about the lifestyle and culture of the people.

TIP #3: Be familiar with the rules and regulations           

Each state or country has their own rules and regulations. Make sure you have enough knowledge about their policies like traffic violations, import and export of goods, and many more. Keep in mind that some activities can be illegal or may show disrespect from other countries.

TIP #4: Get more knowledge

As a backpacker, you need to know how to go to different places by yourself. Learn how to use the map. Before asking the locals, make sure you have a background of where you’re going. Research online and make sure to check the schedule of different transportation like bus terminals or train stations. While riding a cab can be convenient, riding bus and train makes it more fun and adventurous.

Again, be familiar with the places where you’re going. Do your research to learn more about their culture and lifestyle.

The Best Way to Celebrate your Special Day

It’s your birthday, and while you could celebrate the old fashion way—cake and snacks with colleagues, barbecue and booze with friends, or a dinner with your special someone—aren’t you ready to try something new, something that will make your birthday memorable and special? Here are some other ways to celebrate your birthday:

  1. Travel

There’s nothing more glorious than having a new adventure with your family or your favourite travel buddies. Experience the great outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature. You can try some activities like cliff diving, surfing, bungee jumping, and many more. You can also unwind and simply enjoy the comfort of luxury hotels.

  1. Bar hopping

Party till you drop and enjoy an overflowing drinks and booze. The best thing about bar hopping with friends is you get to experience different vibes and music genre. This is also the best opportunity to find out the best bars in town. You can meet new people and just enjoy the night.

  1. Hotel party

Hosting a party at a hotel is one of the best ways to celebrate your birthday. Of course, hotels have a little bit of everything you need—the best drinks, food, great setup for any party themes, space availability, and sound system. I would also recommend having different options when choosing a venue. Always review the packages they offer carefully before booking.

  1. Charity events

Another way to celebrate your special day is to handle charity events for the less fortunate. It’s not usual to see this nowadays, but it is definitely something memorable. Choose a charity program you want to help—for example, cancer patients, homeless children, and many more. You can bring your friends and family to help you organise a small feeding program and group activities. Touching the heart of these people can definitely put a smile on your face.

Celebrating your birthday only comes once a year, so make it special. You don’t really have to spend a lot of money or keep doing the same thing every year. Try something new and you will discover something bigger.

How to Get Affordable Hotel Accommodations

Finding a nice and cheap accommodation is one way to reduce travel expenses and lead to big savings. While most backpackers know how to do a few tricks to save money for their travel leisure, we would like to share some helpful tips for other travellers as well.

Whatever your plan is for your next weekend getaway, one thing for sure everyone has in common—not to burn holes into your pockets. We recently visited a Denton bed and breakfast, not only was it beautiful but it was affordable! It got me thinking about why  people think they have to shell out major bucks for a good time. Well, you don’t really have to spend a fortune for a perfect holiday vacation. In fact, there are so many ways to cut down costs for your travel expense. And finding a good accommodation deal is one of them next to find a cheap flight. This will definitely have an impact to your travel budget.

To help you out, here are some ways how travellers can find a decent place without splurging their entire vacation fund:

Research, research, research!

The first step is to do a lot of research. Finding a good accommodation should be easy these days. With so many travel sites online, it would be less challenging to find promos and packages. Take this opportunity to learn more about the locals and their culture. Join forums and be familiar with the experience of other travellers.

There are travel blogs that can point you to some of the cheapest hotels and inns. Make sure to review their rates by browsing through their website. Don’t be deceived with the ads you see online. Instead, call their office and talk to the hotel manager to verify the promos posted. Consider asking for total sum of what you need to pay for the length of your stay.

You should also be responsible for all your actions. This is why you need to do a lot of research when looking for a place to stay for your vacation. Keep in mind that travel can be a lot of fun but there are risks as well. Remember, you are going to a new place, new people, and new environment. Just take note of some of the safety tips before you book a flight.

Make a background check of all your options. Check their credentials. Read customer’s feedback. This will help you gauge the quality of their services.

Consider choosing hostels over hotels

Choosing a nice and comfy hostel will help you save a lot of money. This is way cheaper than most hotels. But then again, check the rates per night and make sure to include the hidden fees. This is why, as mentioned above, you need to request for a quotation of their room rates. If possible, ask about the price of their meals as well.

Take advantage of coupons

There are many travel sites offering coupons for cheap airlines and accommodations. Take advantage of these promos. Check the mechanics and verify it to the hotel manager. This will help you cut down hotel rates per night.