4 Tips when Hosting a Wine Party

You might have met a lot of wine enthusiasts and sommeliers at the bar. You might have notices them cradling bottles like a treasure box. See them pour it on a glass with such concentration? Does it make you curious every drop or spill? Do you find it challenging? Well, the truth is—you don’t really have to make thing complicated. Just keep it simple. As long as you’re having and makes you or your guests comfortable, then you’re good to go. Follow these simple tips when you’re planning to host a wine party at home:


You don’t need to be generous all the time. Enough with the guessing games and just tell them what you want them to bring. If you think you don’t have enough stocks for your guests, and then ask them to bring more wine. And yes, you need to match it with the food you’re serving. Consider serving cheese, meat cold cuts, and of course, steak! Be specific with the brand as well.


You might want to consider bulk-buying. You don’t want to run out of beverage to serve to your guests. This can ruin the whole evening. Another perks of buying a case of wine is you can get more discount and freebies from merchants. If you’re not sure about the brand, go for the “safe house wine”. I suggest Italian Barbera. For sure, you will love that fruity flavor!


This is the number 1 rule when serving wine to your guests. Make sure to use a stylish long –stemmed glass for your wine. Well, they may seem expensive, but you can get the same glasses at thrift stores. So shop around and look for the nearest store in your area. You can also try buying online.


If you’re holding a special gathering, you can always be creative and add some flair like using a carafe instead of ordinary wine glass. You can also put some wine spritzer to impress the guests! And of course, set your music playlist to set the mood.

Again, you don’t have to make things complicated and be stiffed with your gestures. As long as you’re having fun with your family and friends, then you’re good to go! So enjoy and drink moderately.